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Dog Years To Human Years

Dog Years To Human Years

Dogs live much shorter than humans, unfortunately. However, there are also significant differences between dog breeds. Generally, a large dog lives shorter than a small dog. Although, there are cultured breeds that live for a very short time due to their physical structure. Such a kind is a small French bulldog or a large-scale Neapolitan mastiff. We also know that the development of dogs is much faster than human, practically a 1-year-old dog, 14-18 years old in human years.

But how can we determine the age of a dog if we want to adopt them in their adult years?

Veterinarians can primarily deduce the age of the dog from the state of the teeth. Of course, the choice of previous keeping and the choice of pet food may also affect the state of the tooth. In this case, they will also examine the skeleton and the animal's fur. Heavier motions and gray hairs also indicate older age.

Unfortunately, in the elderly, dogs are more susceptible to diseases, especially the spinal problems that cause the greatest concern, which can primarily lead to the paralysis of the hind legs. As we feed the dog in his puppy with special meals, let's do this even in his older age. Pet foods designed for vitamin-rich, old dogs can prolong the dog's age. The size of the dog significantly determines the highest expected age.

Dogs are older than 20 years old, and according to the Guinness Book of Records, an American dog named Butch has been officially recognized as the highest age in the world, he was 28 years old for eternal rest.

Transform your dog age to human age.